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Clock Repair
Clocks Repair Experience
Donald T. White 1600 Ruth Road, Arab, AL 35016 Cell (256) 572-7578 bardon@otelco.net Clock Repair Experience: I will train IN 2003, I repaired 74 different clocks which included Wall, Mantel, floor, long case and Grandfather clocks. Below are some of names or types of the clocks: Seth Thomas Howard Miller Bulova Vienna Regulator Session Plymouth Time Card Hershodge Mantel Alron 21 day Mantel Ethan Allen Wall Sligh German Wall Eikeisha Wall Wall Korea Webly Mantel And Others Since 2003 I have repaired a few for relatives and others, but only to keep up with clock repair knowledge. In September 2013, I decided to get back into Clock Repair business full time. View the Clocks Repaired since September 2013 (Under Clocks Repaired web pages). If you are in a hurry, then I am not the person to do your repairs. My Clock Repair Process Steps: All clocks that I service are bench-tested, timed, and adjusted as required, before being returned to you with my one-year performance guarantee. After receiving your clock, we perform a thorough check of the case, glass, mechanism to confirm the work necessary. Each piece is carefully evaluated to ensure no part is overlooked. In most cases, a clock repair consists of the total dismantling of the movement, inspection of every pivot and every bushing hole to determine the best course of action with the repair process. Sometimes with broken mainsprings there is damage to the wheel train on the pinions and pivots, all this is looked over with magnification. Then I clean the clock parts using peg-wood to be sure we get off all the old oil that solidified and become an abrasive rather than a lubricant. Then comes the ultrasonic cleaner, this process insures all parts are completely clean. This tedious process is then followed by pivot polishing with a Lathe, and re-bushing, when it is required. It then comes the rebuilding of the clock movement piece by piece and after that testing for at least one week, And most times, two weeks. If this testing fails, then all this is done again if needed. Only when your clock looks and functions perfectly will we consider the clock ready for delivery or pick-up. This process is only a very brief description of a few of the steps required in clock repair and restoration services. Grandfather Clock Pickup Procedure Steps: I will come to your house and do the following: Remove the weights. Remove the pendulum. Remove the movement. The case remains at your house. Place the above parts in secure containers to prevent any damage the items during transport. At this time I will discuss with you the processes servicing and possible repairs to your clock. Next, I will return to my work shop with your clock parts and follow the procedure listed. Once the movement is performing as it should, I will return to your house and install back into the grandfather case and make sure the clock is running properly. I will explain how you can properly service your clock in your home, such as fine turning the time, raising the weights, and starting the pendulum if your clock stop due to weights all the way down and the clock has stopped, when to raise the weights and how far up, how to set moon phase if so equipped and also explain things not to do. Before leaving I will ask you for any questions you may have and try to give you the correct answer to your questions. I am an Authorized Service Center for Howard Miller and Ridgeway clocks. My clock Repair Shop name is FixTickTock. My web site name is fixticktock.com.
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