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Clock Repair
Repairs only finished when the work completed has a date inserted.
Received: 9-13-14 Checking: 9-13-21 Looking over all parts so I can identfy the problems. Work has begun: 9-13-21 Took face off and inspected dial for the calendar dial. The dial was dry with oil and looks like it would stick from time to time. Cleaned dial and oiled. Face back on the movement and on the test stand to continue looking while running to see if I can catch the problem. 9-14-21 The date changed over night. (Had date set at the correct date, 13) 9-19-21 Date is working ok at this time. Changing every day. The date 14 thu 19 has changed correctly. (If you are watching this text me) 9-21-21 Still working good. 9-22-21 Everything is working good. I will need for the date to go through a month to be sure the date is working correctly. 9-25-21 Strike is missing ever once in awhile. Looking for the problem. Parts ordered: Parts Rec’d: Final Steps: Work Completed only (If this line has a date):
Allen Bright …. (circa 1600)